Benefits Of Adding Fencing And Lighting to Your Game Court

Do you remember playing basketball at the local court and having to chase the ball after every wild shot or missed pass? What about at your friend’s house who had a hoop with that hill behind it. How many times have you chased a ball once it rolls off the court? This is where a well-built fence comes into play. Having a fence around a basketball, tennis and even pickleball court is a definite game changer for everyone using the court. A good fence reduces all that wasted time chasing the ball off the court. Fencing will keep what you want inside and keep what you don’t want outside like a nosey neighbor.

Another great investment in your court is lighting. Imagine all the extra playing time you could get with some court lighting. Everyone loves playing under the lights. Playing under the lights is a totally different experience than just another afternoon game. A well-lit court extends playing time and adds an element of safety for parents who have kids that want to play one more game before coming inside for the night.

The addition of fencing and lighting opens up a whole new world of fun and activity. You will get so much more use out of your game court with more time to play. People of all ages would certainly appreciate being able to play a game regardless of the time of day. It really is a win/win with unlimited access to your court and no more annoying run away balls to worry about.

Fencing Options

For most courts you will find chain link fencing being used to keep balls from rolling way off the court. Chain link fencing is a great product proven to provide control over run away tennis and basketballs. If you do choose a chain link fence, you can soften up the look by using evergreens around the perimeter. Another option for providing privacy and windscreen to a chain link fence is vertical plastic slats. These come in many different colors and there are even some that mimic the look of hedges.

When installing a fence, make sure it is tall enough depending on the different sports the court is designed for. To add to the function of the fence, consider installing windscreen material to help minimize the effects of a windy day. A good windscreen allows some wind to pass through all while blocking the vast majority of wind, for a much more enjoyable experience. A good windscreen can enhance the privacy of your court also.

Another fencing option is wood post and mesh material stretched from post to post. This is more of a soft fence and is a more affordable option. Usually, the material is made from nylon or polypropylene cord netting. By running this mesh material on upper and lower cabling, the netting can be drawn back much like a curtain for time you may want to open the fence. This type of fencing is used at golf course driving ranges. This type of fencing has a softer look to it.

No matter the type of fencing you go with, you will be glad you made the investment. Good fencing adds a layer of privacy and protection to your court. Fencing enhances the overall appearance of a court. Above all else it saves players time and aggravation with no more chasing down wild shots that miss the mark.

Light Up Your Court

Have you ever been in the middle of an intense game of one on one basketball but had to stop early because it got too dark to see? One more reason why it pays to add outdoor lighting to your sports court. Just think of the additional time your family and friends could spend on the court with the right lighting.

Effective sports court lighting should be designed to minimize glare for those playing the game. Depending on the types of sports being played will also determine the placement and height of the light poles. Equal spacing between poles is essential to making the overall lighting balanced throughout the court. There are certain standards for official court lighting, but most backyard court sizes vary so your specific lighting requirements will also vary. For your average backyard sports court, high mast flood lights are really all you need for good visibility. A well-lit court will also add a layer of safety on top of functionality.

Get The Most Out Of Your Court

When considering the addition of fencing and lighting, it can feel overwhelming. Adding fencing and lighting to your sports court is a long term investment. When done right, fencing and lighting will actually add value to your property. Your entire family will get many more hours of enjoyment by being able to play under the lights and never worry about annoying balls that roll into the woods. If you have someone with possible professional sports aspirations in your household, then they will never have a reason why they can’t practice. The whole neighborhood will know who has the best and most useful backyard court on the block.

Finished Product

Although the thought of adding fencing and lighting can seem like a lot, your outdoor court will be absolutely complete. There will be no more work needed to enhance your sports court. The only thing besides fencing and lighting that you may want to add would be a booming music system. You can really “Rock the block” with an awesome music setup. That idea is for another time though. Once you have the fencing and lighting in place, you can sit back, and simply enjoy your newly upgraded court. The only thing afterwards would be annual maintenance to keep everything working the way you need. A well-built fence really will not need much going forward and lighting that is done right only needs basic upkeep through the years. The only thing left would be to keep up with the physical appearance by possibly repainting the lines on your court every few years. Instilling sports and fitness into your family’s life pays dividends along the way and keeps your family healthy and active. Now you can have fun with your family with a more functional court done right.

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