Top Ten Must Haves To Make Your Campground Even Better

Are you looking to attract more campers and local day passes to your campground? Do you want to make your campground stand out and keep your guests coming back for more? Then, it’s time to consider some top add-ons that can make your campground amenities and attractions even better.

Guests who book at your campground can’t possibly pack everything when they go camping for a week or weekend. For example, a family of four might love biking around trails but don’t have enough room to bring all their bikes, so a bike rental could be profitable.

Or renting canoes, boats or kayaks could be a big hit if you’re on a lake or near one. Guest of any age would love having a make your own pizza night, or an ice cream stand or a game of mini golf.

Keep reading and we’ll share the top ten must-haves that you can add to your campground to make it a more fun and enjoyable experience for everyone and more revenue. From multi-sport courts to movie nights, we’ve got you covered, these campground attractions are all fantastic options to choose from depending on your camp layout and space.

Adding a Multi-Sport-Court

Adding a multi-sports court to your campground is a great way to attract more campers and to keep them active and entertained. Your guests can play basketball, tennis or pickleball, and you could even organize day tournaments to bring some friendly competition to the campground.

Pickleball is taking over the nation as one of the easiest family friendly sports to learn, play and get competitive. Having some basketball nets is popular too.

Movie Night Under The Stars

One of the best things about camping is the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. With a movie night under the stars, you can combine the best of both worlds. Create an outdoor family movie area and encourage guests to bring their own camping chairs or sleeping bags to enjoy the show.

Make it a regular event, and your guests will love it. And you don’t even have to have the box office movies. Older favorite classic movies are still enjoyed especially when camping and watching a movie outdoors under the stars. Invest in a commercial popcorn machine at the ticket office, sell candy and soda too making for a real treat night.

Built-In Pool

A built-in pool is the ultimate luxury for any campground. Offer pool passes for campers, and a day pass for local residents to swim, and you’ll attract a whole new group of visitors to your campground. In addition to charging extra to swim you can also rent all the pool accessories like floats, tubes, and goggles.

Along with having a pool house for changing rooms and rest rooms, including a few pay laundry machines for guests to wash clothes and swim while waiting would be appreciated.

Community Pavilion Area

A pavilion area is a fantastic gathering place for campers. Add picnic tables and host a range of camper events such as chili cook-offs, taste testing, bingo, crafts, and even cornhole and badminton areas. These activities will make your campground the place to be for both campers and locals alike. A pavilion is not only a shelter from sun and rain but a place to gather guests for community fun time.

When you’re not hosting an event the pavilion area could have some coal grill stations for guest to BBQ their own meals and eat at the pavilion. Not everyone can pack their grill to go camping, so having a few grill areas will be a nice convenience for many campers.

You’ll see more reasons listed below why a pavilion can take your campers to the next level of fun. Keep reading!

Pro Landscape Destination Stops

Upgrading your landscaping is a sure way to make your campground a more beautiful and welcoming place. Create several retreats for hikers to enjoy, with mini rest areas with beautiful plants, rocks, water features, koi pond, waterfalls, benches, and picnic tables off the beaten or well-travelled paths.

A serene and stunning environment is always appreciated by campers and visitors. And these beautiful landscapes will be the perfect backdrop of selfies being posted on social media; and free advertising for you!

Fun Day Rentals

Offering fun rentals such as bikes, golf carts, boats, kayaks, canoes can bring a variety of outdoor activities to guests. Many travelers rely on rental services while on vacation. By providing the option for outdoor equipment rental you can offer a whole new level of convenience.

Whether your campground is on a lake, river, or just fun trails, offering the appropriate equipment for your camps conditions is convenient for guests, making their camping trip even more exciting.

Mini Golf Course

A mini golf course is a fun way to add more activities to your campground. Campers can play and local residents can also buy day passes to enjoy the amenities, even if they’re not camping. Mini golf is a fun time for all ages and if you don’t have other attractions at your campground like a lake or pool, a golf course is a great alternative to give guests that wow factor when you choosing a campground.

Pizza Oven Stations/ Make Your Own

Who doesn’t love pizza, especially when you are camping? At the pavilion, you could have several pizza ovens and all the supplies ready to make personal or large family-sized pizzas. Guests pay for the ingredients and could have a fun time assembling their own custom pizza and watching it cook until it’s bubbly right from the brick fireplace oven.

You could hold a pizza event two or three times per week for guest to enjoy getting together under the pavilion. Traditional campground food is what fits in your cooler like burgers, hot dogs, and sandwich meat. Switching it up for a freshly made brick oven pizza is pretty cool and your guests will love it.

Ice Cream Stand

An ice cream stand near the pavilion is a must-have. It’s the perfect treat for campers who need to cool down in the summer months, and something that you can’t pack in a cooler! Adding this feature to your campground will take your amenities to the next level.

Every town has a fun ice cream stand where you’ll see lines of customer every day waiting to get their wonderful scoops of delight, and it’s so much better than boxed ice cream. Why not bring that kind of down home business to your campground.

Camp Store

Lastly, a camp store is always a great option to have, especially for last-minute items that campers might need. Selling typical camp food and supply needs, from food and snacks to firewood and ice is a great way to be more accessible and allow guest the convenience they deserve.

Your guest will more than likely leave your campground to run out to purchase these supplies, anyway, so why not offer camping essentials right at your camp store.


Adding these must-haves to your campground will make it a more fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. From active activities such as multi-sport courts, to more leisurely options such as an ice cream stand and mini-golf course, there are options for everyone to make their camping experience more memorable.

Your guests will keep coming back for more, and you’ll attract new visitors with these great add-ons. By providing a wide range of amenities and attractions, you can stay ahead of the competition and make your campground the place to be!


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