Benefits Of An Indoor Sports Court For Your Resort 

Are you looking for a way to take your resort to the next level of entertainment? Or have you thought about how much more revenue you could potentially make by extending your seasons for hosting guests? Adding an indoor game court to your resort will not only extend your seasonal income, but open more doors for guests, community, and local team support.

When it rains, it pours and when it pours, we tend to stay inside. If your resort or vacation campground has an outdoor sports court, then the weather can determine your guest level of fun and activity. If a family is spending a long holiday weekend at your resort and it rains a couple days, their time on the pickleball or basketball court will be severely impacted.

A family with energetic kids wants to have as much fun playing outdoor sports as they can. Once the forecast calls for rain then the family vacation becomes very similar to a typical Tuesday night with everyone mindlessly scrolling on their phone just to kill the boredom.

Controlled Environment 

Of course, you can’t control the weather, but you can provide an indoor facility where the environment can be controlled. In addition to a nice clean outdoor sports court, your resort or campground could invest in an indoor space. Your guest can now play multiple sports including pickleball, basketball, tennis and more without the worry of rain, wind, snow or even blazing heat and humidity.

More and more vacation resorts are investing and building indoor facilities to keep visitors active in bad weather and even attracting those looking for a winter escape. Sports courts provide the most bang for your buck because of the versatility of combining multiple courts in one footprint or area.

If you have limited indoor square footage, depending on the size of the court you can combine basketball, tennis and pickleball into one multipurpose court space. Creating an indoor court set up is an investment that will benefit your resort or campground for rainy summer days and draw winter business by setting you apart from resorts that do not offer an indoor court space.

Imagine a family comparing options of vacation resorts and the different amenities, having an indoor sports court could influence their decision to book their vacation with your resort.

Easier To Maintain 

Exposure to the elements can really take its toll on surfaces. You see this with roads, outdoor furniture, your deck, and the local basketball court in the park. Sure, it’s always possible to re-apply fresh paint when surfaces start to fade but it costs money and can’t be used for a couple days until all the coats of paint are fully dry.

Modern sport court sport court floor surfaces are made of materials designed to withstand mother nature and stay looking good. Compared to typical asphalt courts that crack and fade, a new modern sports court holds up to the elements much better. This cuts down significantly on maintenance and repairs.

Now imagine you take that ultra durable, high quality sports court and move it inside where it will be protected from harsh snow and rain. Your left almost zero maintenance required.

Investing in an indoor option for your guest provides healthy fun for guests and little upkeep since the court will be in a controlled environment. All what will need to be done is routine cleaning and periodical safety checkups. Having an indoor court creates an effective and efficient way to set your resort apart from the competition.

After Hours Events 

The average outdoor sports court is limited by the amount of daylight. In midsummer you have the most available time to use the court. Little by little as the seasons change, the daylight hours begin to dwindle. Less time to play equals less fun and possibly less interest in booking a vacation for some.

Of course, you can install lighting for nighttime pickleball but as the temperature gets cooler so does the interest of guests who don’t want to play an evening game outside during late October or November. Besides, keeping the outdoor sports court clear of Fall leaves and debris is nearly impossible. One more reason for an indoor court set up. You will never have to worry about a time of day cut off due to darkness or unsavory conditions.

Indoor courts allow folks to enjoy some hoops or tennis in a comfortable setting. An indoor court can also double as a sort of “function hall” to hold events. Besides using the area for strictly sports, the court could be used for pep rallies or fund raiser auctions to benefit local athletics.

You could even have adult social gatherings or town wide basketball or indoor soccer tournaments. There are many indoor court sports that could benefit from a clean, safe, well-lit facility. This is yet another reason for having an indoor sports court. The community may want to rent it for their own annual events, bake sales, book drives, team try outs, and so on.

One Time Investment, Long Term Payoff 

Sports courts are a great way to engage the public and entice potential guests to stay at your resort or campground. They are one of the best investments for a long term return and payoff. Taking that model one step further and creating an indoor court that is heated and temperature controlled for guests will place your resort or campground at the next level.

This will set you apart and those who stay and play at your resort will undoubtedly tell their friends, family, and co-workers. At first having an indoor facility may not seem necessary but when you step back and examine the multiple uses, possibilities and benefits you understand the overall benefits.

Even warmer climates still get rain and obviously northern climates get more than just rain. Making sure your guest’s fun time doesn’t get ruined by the weather is actually priceless. So, consider the benefits of an indoor court for long term fun and enjoyment.



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