Why Pickleball Is Great Fun For All Ages 

Comparing Pickleball To Other Sports 

Pickleball is one of those sports that is easy to learn and even easier to enjoy for all age groups. Once you get down the basics of the serve and the return you really feel like you are playing pickleball. There are other sports out there that are a little harder and more frustrating to learn. Depending on how athletic you are can greatly impact how much fun and enjoyment you get out of your first time trying out a new sport.

If you never played basketball, then stepping onto the court with experienced players will quickly leave you feeling somewhat ignored while the other players pass the ball over you instead of passing the ball to you. If you have never played football and tried out for the varsity team, you soon realize there is more to it than just running and tackling.

Football is very strategic, using designed and somewhat complex blocking, offensive and defensive schemes that take time to master. Most other sports require a high level of fitness to play the sport effectively.

Pickleball Is All Inclusive 

Within a very short time from your first introduction to pickleball you will find yourself involved in a fun and thrilling back and forth rally. Pickleball is easy to play and fun. Pickleball does not require supreme physical fitness to get the most out of a game, but it has many health benefits.

This is why even a 12 year old can have a blast playing against their older brother or sister. Mom and dad can team up against grandma and grandpa and feel the rush of healthy competition. Pickleball literally was invented and derived as a way to occupy the entire family with a fun and simple game that everyone could enjoy.

Back in the summer of 1965 the inventors of pickleball Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell came up with the game because they returned home one day from a round of golf only to find their families loafing around with nothing to do. They pieced together an old badminton net and ping pong paddles and next thing you know everyone was having good fun with what would later become the sport of pickleball.

Easy To Learn, Fun To Play 

The rules of pickleball are simple whether you are playing singles or doubles. They are designed so you can get going right away. This means that a new to the sport player will be able to step in and really grasp everything quickly and have a ton of fun without worrying about annoying ticky tack rules that continually halt the game and ruin the flow and ultimately spoil the fun.

The rule set of the game is very similar to tennis which is relatively easy to learn also. Basically, don’t let the ball bounce twice and try to keep it inside the lines. Boom – let’s play!

This is why pickleball is so great for all ages. It is the perfect low impact sport that you can play at any level. If it’s just for fun with friends and family or if it is for prize money on the professional circuit.

Just For Fun Or For The Glory 

Even though pickleball is easy and fun to learn it can also become very competitive. Don’t be fooled by the casual players at the local parks. Because pickleball can be easily learned and played well by younger participants, it can be mastered with consistent practice and devotion.

More and more pickleball tournaments keep popping up across the country. These events are attracting high level athletes and pushing pickleball into the spotlight all while establishing the sport as more of a mainstream viewing experience much like tennis, basketball, baseball, and NASCAR to name a few. These days younger pickleball players can aspire to go pro just like all the other major sports.

Everywhere you look you see more and more pickleball courts alongside basketball and tennis courts at your local park and recreation centers. No longer is pickleball a weekend warrior activity, it is a full blown sport with televised events featuring high level action.

Levels To The Game 

It seems pickleball is here to stay and for good reason. Pickleball can be scaled back or even ramped up depending on who is playing. For a highly competitive match with money on the line in a big tournament you will see the best players battling for every point. Then down at your local retirement center you will see a former mailman playing a retired music teacher for their daily fun and exercise.

This is why pickleball is gaining so much popularity, it appeals to every generation and every ability level. You don’t have to be a five star recruit to be able to play. All you need is a buddy to play against and some comfortable sneakers. Pickleball can be as gentle as you need it to be or as intense as a center court showdown.

Conclusion: Everyone Can Play 

It’s a little tough for all ages to play a meaningful game regardless of the sport. Someone’s little brother probably isn’t going to get much fun out of just watching their older siblings play basketball with kids their age and height.

If you put that same group of kids that are different ages and skill levels on a pickleball court, then they are going to end up having a lot of fun together. The smaller, quicker little brother might even surprise an unexpecting older kid. Mom and dad can play mixed doubles with the kids and see who gets bragging rights.

Even an older member of the family who tends to usually sit out when sports are played can find themselves with a paddle in their hand sending a return across the net. The Pickleball game was invented and meant for the whole family to play. Lots of retirees play pickleball because it is a smaller court area with less wear and tear on the body. The level you play at is completely up to you and will always deliver great fun.



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