New England Pickleball Destinations 

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Pickleball was invented in the Northwest on Bainbridge Island just a short ferry ride from Seattle Washington. The fun new sport has grown in popularity throughout the years since its invention in the mid 1960’s. Today you can find a pickleball court in every area of the country and New England is no exception. All six states of New England have a place to play pickleball. No matter where you and your family find yourself on summer vacation, you can bet there is most likely a pickleball court worth a visit.

If you have never played pickleball it is a family friendly, easy to learn sport that is sure to deliver hours of fun. We will highlight a few of the pickleball courts in the New England region in no particular order so you can get a game in on your next visit or possibly find one that is close to home.


Let’s start in the well-known city of Portland. Pickleball Maine as it’s called is a facility with a total of 18 courts. 12 of the courts are outdoor while another 6 are indoors which is great for the frigid winter months. Pickleball Maine uses permanent lines and portable nets. There is a onetime fee to play, and they have wheelchair accessibility. Portland is a very popular city to visit so if you find yourself at a Sea Dogs minor league baseball game be sure to stop by Pickleball Maine after to burn off that chili dog you enjoyed during the seventh inning stretch.

The next stop for pickleball courts in Maine is about an hour northeast of Portland in Waldoboro Maine. Where’s Waldo? He’s in Waldoboro of course and he is enjoying a fun game of pickleball at Waldoboro Rec, part of the Waldoboro First Baptist Church. They have 3 indoor acrylic courts

with permanent lines and portable nets. There is a one-time fee to play at the Waldoboro Rec pickleball courts.

Maine is home to many other cities and towns with pickleball courts. There are courts in such places as Saco, Brunswick, Waterville, Boothbay Harbor, Falmouth, Rockport, and Auburn plus other locations throughout Maine.


Let’s stay in Northern New England and check out the pickleball action in Vermont. The Cambridge Community Center in Jeffersonville Vermont has 4 indoor courts. The lines for these courts are permanent and the nets are portable.

Next up is the college town of Burlington which has multiple locations to play pickleball. One such place is Calahan Park. The courts here are outdoors with overlaid lines on a tennis court. They also use tennis nets which are a little taller than official pickleball nets. Calahan Park is free to the public so there is no fee to play.


Traveling a little further south while staying in Vermont they have a great facility in Rutland at The Vermont Sport and Fitness Club. They have 6 indoor courts with permanent lines and the nets are portable. You need a membership in order to use the courts here.

Other areas with pickleball courts are places like Bennington, Essex Junction, Colchester, Saint Albans Bay, and Middlebury to name a few.

Rhode Island 

Heading further south in New England to check out the pickleball scene in Rhode Island. One of the most popular places to play pickleball in Rhode Island is in Wakefield. Here there are 6 different courts to choose from. You can play indoors or outdoors at the South Kingstown Recreation Center. The lines for these courts are permanent using portable nets. It is free to play, and the courts have outdoor lights.

Over in Bristol Rhode Island you can play outdoors for free at the Bristol Town Common Park. You do need to bring your own nets and the lines are permanent. All 6 courts have lights for an evening midsummer game.

The Jewish Community Center of Rhode Island in Providence is free and open to the public. At this community center there are 6 asphalt courts with 3 indoors and 3 outdoors. To make things easier the lines are permanent, and you can use their portable nets. Here they offer wheelchair accessibility and food for purchase.

Many other places in Rhode Island to play some pickleball include Westerly, Charlestown, Warren, Barrington, Narragansett, and Warwick Rhode Island.


Staying in southern New England for some pickleball in Connecticut. First up is Eisenhower Park in Milford, Connecticut. You have a total of 8 outdoor courts to play on which require a fee to use. The concrete courts are dedicated with permanent lines and nets! The Eisenhower Park courts in Milford have lights for night time games and are wheelchair accessible.

In the western part of Connecticut, you can play a good game of pickleball in Ridgefield at some of the area schools and at the Ridgefield Recreation Center. At this recreation center they have 4 indoor courts, all with permanent lines and portable nets. There is a membership requirement to use these courts.

Heading even further west we’re looking for a pickleball game in Greenwich, CT. You can always find courts at the local YMCA, or you can try out Christiano Park where it is always free to play. This is a great outdoor set up with 3 courts fully dedicated with permanent lines and permanent nets.

If you want to explore more cities and towns in Connecticut with pickleball courts then check out places like West Hartford, Stamford, Westport, Bloomfield, Newtown, and Simsbury.

New Hampshire 

Back up north in New Hampshire we are heading out to Keene for some pickleball fun. There are a few options for courts in Keene and one of them is at the Jonathan Daniels Pickleball Courts. Here you will find 6 outdoor courts all dedicated to pickleball, with permanent lines. These courts are free to use.

Traveling to the most populated city of New Hampshire for our next game in Manchester, N.H. The Rock Rimmon Pickleball Courts are a great place to find a game. There are 6 outdoor courts dedicated with permanent lines and nets. The courts are absolutely free to the public.

Heading up north for a stop in New London, New Hampshire to check out Mountainside Racquet and Fitness Center. With 6 indoor courts featuring permanent lines and portable nets for use. There is a membership required to play and you can make a reservation to play.

Other New Hampshire courts are in places such as the capital city of Concord, Portsmouth, Derry, Wolfeboro, Laconia, Exeter, and Goffstown with even more towns to explore.


Let’s take a quick trip south on Interstate 93 on our way to Massachusetts and find some courts to play a pickleball game. Massachusetts offers many towns and cities with pickleball courts. Most notably would be Boston of course. Here in Boston, there are over 15 courts available to choose from.

Lawndale Terrace Garden Park in Jamaica Plain has 4 outdoor courts. Everything here is free, and the courts do have permanent lines, but you will need to bring your own net.

Another spot for pickleball in Boston is PKL located in South Boston. This is a fantastic facility offering trainers and lessons for those who are interested. PKL has 5 dedicated courts with permanent lines and nets. There is a one-time fee to play plus you can make reservations.

Stopping in Newburyport you will find 7 courts to choose from at the Newburyport Tennis Club. They have 4 indoor courts and 3 outdoors. All of the pickleball courts are dedicated with their own nets and permanent lines. There is a membership required to play.

On the south shore of Massachusetts in Quincy, stop by Bishop Field Tennis Courts for a game of pickleball. Bishop Field Tennis Courts have 2 courts to pick from with permanent lines,

however, you will need to bring your own net to play. These courts are free to anyone and can light up once it gets to be night time.

Massachusetts has plenty of places to play pickleball. Some of the other locations to find a court are Lynn, Nantucket, Methuen, Gloucester, Framingham, Somerville, and Waltham. There are so many other towns where you can find a court to play a game.


Pickleball has really come a very long way in terms of popularity because of how simple and fun the game is. Everyone from young to mature can get enjoyment out of the game. You can find a pickleball court in every area of every state. So, if you still haven’t tried pickleball, be sure to look up your local court and give it a try. Guaranteed good time for everyone.


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