5 Reasons Your Campground Needs a Multi-Sport Game Court

For many families the best part of the year is summer camping season. This is the time of year when school is out, and the weather is warm. When the temperature is up, most of us love to get outside for some fun in the sun. This could mean you and your family taking trips to your favorite campground. Going to your chosen campground allows everyone to let loose and have some fun with their favorite activity. Maybe going on a hike or spending the day at the lake is your idea of fun. So, what else is there to help keep everyone active? More and more outdoor resorts and campgrounds are having dedicated game courts installed to help keep their guests from getting bored. It is a wise investment because it attracts families who want to make sure there is always something fun to do on their trip.

Something as simple as a basketball court that doubles as a pickleball, or tennis court could draw guests to your campground. The more activities a family can choose from, the more fun they are likely to have. Making an investment in your guest experience will keep them returning year after year and they are also going to tell friends and family about your campground. We will cover the top 5 reasons why your campground or outdoor resort would benefit from investing in a sports court for your guests.

Game Courts Can Set You Apart

Imagine there is a family with kids looking for a summer getaway destination with something for the whole family to enjoy. The places they find all kind of offer the same amenities like a pool, a recreation hall with things like table tennis and maybe cornhole. They are not that impressed by these run of the mill options.

Now picture they come across your campground, and you have the one thing to separate from the pack – a sports court set up that allows them to play multiple sports like pickleball and basketball and even tennis. Both parents are thrilled with the idea of keeping everyone active with endless fun time activities. Heck they may have never even played pickleball yet and this could be their chance to try it together as a family. Installing a sports court will make your campground or resort more appealing to a family with kids.

Added Revenue of Additional Amenities

By having more to offer guests, you then can charge a little more money for folks to stay at your campground. People are likely to be willing to pay extra when there is more to do at your campground. Offering guests, the convenience of an onsite game court is worthwhile on many levels. Guests are going to appreciate that they don’t have to pack everything up, travel and then pay to use a court 20 or 30 minutes away. There is also the possibility of adding more revenue by renting out equipment and court time to non-guests for certain time slots. Besides keeping your guest from getting bored halfway through their stay you are bringing in extra cash flow just by providing the use of a sports court.

Branding Your Campground As A Fun Place

More and more these days we hear of the term branding. What do people think of when it comes to your business? What are you known for? Well, by installing a game court your campground or resort could be known for being a super fun place to stay. People will tell those in their circle that your campground was a ton of fun because you had a professional court right on the premises. Having a reputation for being a fun campground or fun resort will help draw new guests that are looking for an all-inclusive style vacation. Having a sports court makes your campground more than just a place to sleep between day trips, it becomes an attraction on its own.

Increase The Value Of your Campground

When you have an addition built on your house you have increased the value by expanding the square footage. The same can be said for a campground or a resort of any kind. When you install a feature that enhances the experience of those staying at your campground the value of your property will increase. This is especially true when you add something like a game court to a vacation destination. By improving the quality of your campground, you in turn increase the overall value. Your campground or resort will start to be known as one of the nicer places to stay which will attract wealthier guests. A well-built, high quality court is an investment that will pay off year after year.

Parents Will Thank You

These days kids are glued to their tech devices more and more. There is little to no reason for a young person to leave the house or go outside. Everything a kid wants is on their favorite device. Either they are on social media or playing the newest video game for hours on end all hiding from the daylight. As a parent you just wish they would get out more and be active for a change. Once these kids are on vacation and are staying at your campground with the eye popping sports court, they may no longer be so interested in what’s on the screen. Sometimes all it takes is a basic introduction to something new like pickleball for a kid to realize there are other forms of entertainment. Maybe they are influenced by the other kids their age playing a game of horse on the basketball court so that they become more active. Giving a family the option of trying out multiple sports while on vacation could make a positive impact.


Everything in our modern world moves faster and faster. No one seems to take the time to slow down anymore. This is why a relaxing and fun family vacation is so important. There are many different choices for those looking to get away. By offering the added bonus of an inclusive multi-sport court on site at your campground or resort, you set the tone for a healthy, fun filled experience a family will enjoy while on vacation. Offering families, a way to get active and have fun together is better than any group chat. It is a given they will return and also tell their friends about how great a time they had because you invested in a game court for your campground.


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